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2018 Fuel Consumption Guide | Natural Resources Canada. Fuel economy in automobiles - Wikipedia. Online Conversion - Fuel Consumption Conversion. Brake specific fuel consumption - Wikipedia. Fuel Consumption Calculator and Information - Calculate Now. Approximate Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart. Trip Cost Calculator - Maximize Your Fuel Savings. Approximate Fuel Consumption Chart. Find fuel consumption and CO2 data for cars - GOV.UK.

The fuel economy of an automobile is the relationship between the distance traveled and the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle. Consumption can be expressed in. Convert between different fuel consumption standards. Check out our Conversion Software for Windows. Can't find something? Try searching.. Brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) is a measure of the fuel efficiency of any prime mover that burns fuel and produces rotational, or shaft, power.. Fuel Consumption Calculator is great for finding out how efficient your vehicle is so that you can easily judge how far you can make on a tank of fuel. It can also be. Approximate diesel generator fuel consumption chart for standby generators, prime generators and continuous generators.. Going on a trip? With the help of GasBuddies across North America reporting fuel prices at their local stations, we are able to find you the cheapest stations along. a division of generator source diesel service & supply • 755 n 9th avenue www.dieselserviceandsuppl_y goo-gsa-207a aoa-659-207a • fax aoa-659-792a. Home Page > Fuel Consumption and CO 2 > Find fuel consumption and CO2 data for cars . Car fuel consumption and CO2 tools . The carfueldata, CO2 and tax calculator. What is my car's MPG? If you have got a car that was manufactured in the last few years, you can find out the fuel consumption figures using our free tool to search. You can probably figure out your car's gas mileage in your head. It's a different story calculating a boat's fuel consumption..