2017 DATE VAS 5054A VAS5054A ODIS 4.2.3 Bluetooth Appui Protocole UDS VAS 5054A avec Étui En Plastique 1 Pcs/lot

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10 PCS/ENSEMBLE VCM II OBD2 Interface Pour Ford VCM OBD Câble Mini Version De VCM IDS Auto Voiture De Diagnostic OBD 2 Connecter Multi-Langues

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Excellente PCB PIC18F2455 Auto FoCOM Programmeur De Diagnostic Scanner Pour Ford VCM OBD MINI Version IDS ou Ford/Mazda

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.. Ford IDS the Integrated Diagnostic System, Ford IDS is the current modular diagnostic system to support the latest Ford vehicles.. Ford VCM IDS,Ford scan tool latest version can diagnostic Ford Mazda Land Rover Jugar Lincoln Mercury,include IDS VCM VMM.Supported multi-language.. On-board diagnostics (OBD) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or repair. Online bieten auto Diagnose-Tool mit Mercedes Diagnose-Tool, BMW Diagnose-Tool, VW Audi Diagnose-Tool, Diagnose-Tool für Europa Auto, Ford Diagnose-Tool, LKW. 3 - 1. Overview The Innovate Motorsports OT-1 allows you to read up to 16 channels of “OBD-II” (“On Board Diagnostic) information directly from your vehicle. CnAutoTool provides car diagnostics tools for Do-It-Yourself and professional automotive mechanics, including the Launch X431 range of tools. We have OBD II Scanner. Eobdtool - China EOBD Tool Supplier,Provide Most Kinds of Auto Diagnostic Tool like Autocom, BMW ICOM, Benz Star, GM MDI etc.. What are your questions about OBD II readers, scanners, codes… or anything else that comes to mind about this topic? Write your reply below…. OBDII Bus Description. OBD2 [On-Board Diagnostics II] defines a communications protocol and a standard connector to acquire data from passenger cars..